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I fight for things that matter to people, and I put them first.

Randy Bishop for MI Senate
Bishop has dedicated his career to fixing problems for hardworking families. He uses his experience as an organizer and an innovator to get things done for Michiganders across the state. As Senator, Bishop will roll up his sleeves and get to work bringing our state government into the 21st century.



Randy Bishop has decided to run for the Michigan State Senate to lead and introduce legislation that would fix the many policies that have hurt Michigan for many decades.

When elected as the next State Senator of Michigan’s 37th District, Bishop will work with both the Democrats and
Republicans in Lansing to implement the following six (6) policies to truly fix what is wrong with the great State of

Supplement Tax Cuts

To pay for the tax cuts (as listed above in paragraph 2), Randy Bishop would introduce legislation and propose state budgets to ELIMINATE or greatly reduce the budgets of many of the current bureaucratic departments that have overreached their original intent or pick winners and losers (i.e. Liquor Control Commission, Dept. of Natural Resources, Michigan Department of Transportation, Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Michigan Strategic Fund, Licensing and Regulatory Affairs and many others).

Cut Car Insurance Rates By 50% (Half)

The recent legislation that was signed into law by Gov. Whitmer was a "backroom deal" by Detroit Mayor - Mike Duggan, then Speaker Lee Chatfield, Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, Gov.
Whitmer, and many of Michigan's personal injury attorneys which didn't do enough to lower our car insurance costs

End the Monopoly

END the 90% monopoly that Consumers Energy and DTE have on our electric market. Open the entire state to the CHOICE free-market and allow competition to provide the residents, businesses, and manufacturers with lower electric rates.

ELIMINATE Michigan's Income Taxes

Allow Michigan to compete with other NO STATE INCOME tax states to attract businesses and manufacturers to consider locating in Michigan, bringing those jobs to our State. This would cause many people to move to Michigan, increasing our state's population and grow our economy.

Fix Public Schools

Randy Bishop will introduce legislation to permanently fix the Public Schools in Michigan through competition, by providing a "My EDU Card" loaded with $14,000.00 for every student in the state which could be used to "consume" education via homeschooling, private, charter, alternative, Christian or Public Schools