Meet Michigan Candidate for Senate


A Man who gets it done.

Randy Bishop is that man from Michigan

Randy Bishop, 64, a married Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather and Businessman from Antrim County has filed as a Democrat candidate for the August 2, 2022 primary election for Michigan’s 37th State Senate District.

Bishop says that he is running as a “Common Sense Business Democrat who can win the November 8th, 2022 general election and will work to be the most effective State Senator in Lansing”.

For the past twelve (12) years, Bishop has been involved in politics at the state level and has hosted a radio talk show in
the 37th State Senate District.

Randy Bishop is running for Senate

Randy Bishop has decided to run for the Michigan State Senate to lead and introduce legislation that would fix the many policies that have hurt Michigan for many decades.

When Randy Bishop is elected

When elected as the next State Senator of Michigan’s 37th District, Bishop will work with both the Democrats and Republicans in Lansing to implement the following six (6) policies to truly fix what is wrong with the great State of


Randy Bishop is fighting to ensure a brighter, healthier future for all Michiganders. With involvement from folks like you, a brighter future is possible.